• Client Quotes & Testimonials

"...make quick decisions about and see the results."

“We’re really excited about DeepTarget! It’s one of the products I can make quick decisions about and see the results. It’s really exciting!”​

Debra Chaffins
Virtual Services Manager

“…over 250 clicks per week…”

“Since investing in DeepTarget for both Online Banking and Mobile Banking earlier this year, we have had outstanding results! We are witnessing over 250 clicks per week and our related sales transaction have increased significantly too! These results show the value of intelligent digital marketing and DeepTarget has enabled us to achieve these results very quickly!” ​

Mike Bridges​
VP of Marketing and Communications​

"...we are definitely getting a great ROI!"

“DeepTarget is a really great digital marketing solution for us and we are definitely getting a great ROI!” ​

Jennifer Borowy​

"...over 600% ROI in just the first 3 months!"

“DeepTarget has been extremely successful for us since implementing the system earlier this year! Our member engagement has been outstanding and we’ve witnessed over 600% Return on Investment (ROI) in just the first 3 months! We’ve also engaged DeepTarget’s Digital Marketing Services to assist us in our strategy and campaign development and their expert services have been excellent too!”

Amanda Middleton
Asst. Vice President- Operations 

"...generating an outstanding number of clicks!"

“I really like the New DeepTarget Dashboard with the performance and digital campaign analytics and suggestions all in one view! The DeepTarget solution is helping us engage with our Online Banking members while generating an outstanding number of clicks/leads!”

Sherry Sawicki
Marketing Coordinator

"...Mobile member engagement is a huge success!"

“… In January we received over 500,000 views and 850 unique Clicks proving that our marketing and sales strategy for our Mobile channel member engagement is a huge success!
… as a result of our mobile engagement with our members, especially Millennials, we’ve found that DeepTarget has accelerated our ability to engage our members faster!”

Delynn Byars
Senior VP of Marketing

"In our first 30 days, over 275 new, high quality leads..."

“DeepTarget has immediately proven to be extremely valuable to us! In our first 30 days using DeepTarget, we received over 275 new, high quality leads from our new DeepTarget digital marketing campaigns. As a CEO responsible for the growth of our business, that’s outstanding! As a new customer, we have been very impressed with the responsiveness from the DeepTarget team and the ease of use of DeepTarget. We are excited about having DeepTarget as a strategic marketing partner on our team and we look forward to our continued success!”

Joann Bisson

"...analytics show our results have been outstanding!"

“We are extremely happy with the way DeepTarget supports our digital marketing strategy! DeepTarget allows us to engage our members in our online and mobile channels, targeting each generation with relevant products at their best financial time. We have been able to easily implement our own creative graphics and messaging into DeepTarget’s campaign engine and the analytics show our results have been outstanding!”

Ashley Baldeon
Marketing Creative Manager

"...an outstanding level of member engagement"

“DeepTarget has helped us continuously achieve an outstanding level of engagement with our members through our digital marketing promotions for both our online banking and mobile banking channels. Our performance numbers prove this by reaching over 6,000 members and receiving 229 responses representing a Key Engagement Indicator (KEI)of 25– which is rated Outstanding! Our final result of 63 influenced sales transactions further proves a great ROI as well! We are very happy to be partners with DeepTarget!”

Jessica Gwizdala
Director of Marketing & Training

"In December 2017, we received 1084 Clicks and 314 related sales transactions!"

“DeepTarget has helped us be very successful with our digital marketing efforts – from the ease of maintaining and deploying our digital ads to the high level of engagement we’ve received. In December 2017, we received 1084 Clicks and 314 related sales transactions!  These numbers prove an excellent return on our investment with DeepTarget!”

Amber Price
VP of Marketing

“…in first week, over 250K views and 850 unique clicks!”

“We are very excited with the strong marketing results we’ve received with our recent launch of DeepTarget’s Intelligent Digital Marketing in our Access Softek Mobile Banking app! In just the first week we received over 250K impressions/views of our ads resulting in over 850 unique clicks! Based on the results thus far, our members have found this to be a great interactive way to receive the right offer, at the right time, the way they want it. This further proves our decision to invest in intelligent digital marketing for our mobile channel is great way to provide a service to our mobile members and grow our sales!”

Thorpe Miller,
AVP Sales & Marketing

"...and we look forward to continued success!”

“We are excited with the results DeepTarget is providing us!  The ease of deploying our creative ads and to make only minor tweaks monthly to engage our members and provide us with great results is so easy!  Our partnership with DeepTarget has been excellent and we look forward to continued success!”

Bethany Dutcher
VP Marketing 

"...having great success using DeepTarget's intelligent targeting..."

“We are having great success using DeepTarget’s intelligent targeting capabilities to engage our members! In several recent promotions we have utilized generational based campaigns including generation related images and messaging, and the results have been excellent! The personalization of the banner messages to include our members names has increased our KEI/click through as well. We have since incorporated this approach across several additional product groups – and already the results have been outstanding!”

Greg Holt
Marketing Manager


"DeepTarget has been a key partner in our success!"

“We have been using DeepTarget for almost a year now in both our Online Banking and Mobile Banking channels and the results have been outstanding! Our ability to present our promotions within these two channels with specific member targets and personalizing each ad has resulted in strong responsiveness and directly related sales. This proves our members are engaging with us more than ever in our online channels and we need to be present there with our offers to best serve their financial needs. DeepTarget has been a key partner in our success!”

Teresa Santana
Director of Marketing


"We can now promote meaningful offers to our online members like never before!"

“We now actively use online and mobile banking to share our product and service offers. With DeepTarget, it’s so easy to measure and prove our member reach and engagement on the digital channels where our members, especially Millennials, bank. We can now promote meaningful offers to our online members like never before!”

Lynette McClusky
Director of Marketing


"...with over 285 new vehicle loans related to this campaign alone."

“DeepTarget has helped us engage our online members with many of our great offers like our Summer Vehicle Promotion!

The results speak for themselves with over 285 new vehicle loans related to this campaign alone.  We are very happy with DeepTarget’s Digital Marketing solution, it’s very easy to use and allows us to use our own digital content for a great member experience across all channels!”

Becky Timmons
VP of Marketing


"We’re having outstanding results engaging our online members using DeepTarget!"

“We’re having outstanding results engaging our online members using DeepTarget!  We are very happy we can share our promotions with our members where they are reaching out to us online.  DeepTarget allows us to share our promotions and help them achieve their financial goals!  Thank you DeepTarget, you make my digital marketing job easy!”

Tiphaney Grossestreuer
Marketing Manager


"Last month...1164 clicks and 294 influenced sales...outstanding!"

We’ve been using DeepTarget for well over two years now in both our online banking and mobile channels. We have seen great results month over month and year over year!  It all starts with personalizing the ads. Our results instantly shot up. Last month we recorded 1,164 clicks and 294 influenced sales – these numbers are outstanding!  We look forward to continuing to work with Deep Target.”

Mike Bridges
VP of Marketing and Communications