• Mobile Banking

Why You Need Mobile


of smartphone owners with 
a bank account actively use mobile banking1

108 million

US customers in 2017 will use mobile banking2

60% more

logins and transactions per month per customer than financial institutions without mobile3

If mobile isn’t part of your outreach to customers, your revenue growth will feel like it is standing still. People want easier ways to bank, and mobile delivers. DeepTarget delivers the solutions you need to implement a dynamic marketing program to support your mobile banking initiatives.

Successful financial services organizations focus on improving the customer experience across all channels and with every communication. The kind of improved data analytics DeepTarget provides makes it simple and straightforward to deliver unique, personalized messaging that reaches and resonates with your customers.

And mobile’s anytime, anywhere convenience enables banks to achieve many more customer interactions than any other channel. But it takes the right mix of mobile banking features and effective promotion to bring customers to your online portal.

DeepTarget ensures that your customers realize the banking power they hold in their hands and can help you encourage greater use of mobile for everyday transactions.

Mobile Banking Marketing That Makes a Difference

Targeted Banner Ad Messaging:

DeepTarget mines your data to present the ideal mix of products and services to each unique customer and uses SSL to ensure secure delivery.

Personalized Offers:

For example, “Craig, consider our great home equity line of credit rate at 4.75%.”

Click-to-Close™ for Immediate Sales:

Easily create customized landing pages for your campaigns that can result in a closed sale anytime, day or night.

Easy Web-based Offer Management:

Create, customize and change banners to focus on mobile features of importance to your target audience.

DeepTarget can work within multiple mobile banking systems, and reporting is available for tracking responses as well as measuring success of your mobile outreach.

In an age where all banks’ set the goal to please their customers, DeepTarget provides the marketing tools to help you stand out.

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