Cater to your user base with personalized, targeted offers on any website that allows for unique user logins

Targeted Banner Messaging for any Website

A targeted messaging engine that sends the right offer at the right time to your account-holders, whether they are customers, subscribers or loyalty program members. As long as you have a website with account-holders, and you have individualized and personalized messages that you want to send to them, we can provide you the platform to do that. We do all the work so you or your IT department does not have to.

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After successfully deploying and continually perfecting our technology for online banking, it is ready for use on websites in other industries such as retail, healthcare, education and more.

Reach out to your customers with personalized messages and products or services that matter to them. Enrich your loyalty programs with smart targeting technology so that your account-holders only receive messages that are relevant and matter to them.

Liberate yourself from IT departments and platforms. We host DeepTarget Web and process your data so all you have to worry about is what messages you want your audience to receive!


Personalized and/or Targeted Offers

A personalized offer is uniquely derived for the recipient in that it can contain their name and an offer that is specific to them, i.e. “Craig, you have $25,000 available at 3.75% on your home equity line of credit.” A Targeted offer is one that is sent to a group of people identified to be appropriate recipients, i.e. “Consider our great home equity line of credit rate of 3.75%.” Typically these are campaign driven offers. A unique Offer Stack is built in DeepTarget OLB for each online banker,

thereby allowing each individual to have a stack of potential offers unique to them. The Offer Stacks are created by utilizing an intelligent rules-based definition of offers based on the defined characteristics of recipients. Utilizing these targeted offer stacks has proven to increase the relevance of each offer to the person receiving it. The alternative is a general or targeted offer that is activated for a defined set or group of people.

Proven ROI - Frequently Over 500%

DeepTarget OLB ROI is measured for each client. Based on history, this measurement has been frequently over 500%. Since DeepTarget tracks who clicked and what they clicked on, data can be correlated with accounts opened after the click and the revenue generated by those new accounts. This information is used in computing the ROI.

Click-to-Close™ for Immediate Sales

This valuable and distinctive feature in DeepTarget allows the creation of a series of customized landing pages, published through DeepTarget, that could result in a closed sale anytime, day or night.

Include Banners in eLerts and eStatements

Personalized and targeted banners may be inserted in both e-lerts and e-statements. As with the online banking banners, DeepTarget’s Offer Manager is available for the easy customization and creation of banners.

Easy Web-based Offer Management

Offer Manager is a web based application that allows the Marketing Department within an institution to easily create, customize and change banners. One feature of Offer Manager is the ability to select specific offer dates, thereby allowing seasonal or date driven offers to easily be scheduled.

Performance Reports

Reporting is available for tracking responses as well as measuring success. The standard reports provided by DeepTarget OLB show overall ROI, Accounts Opened, New Balances, and Profitability.

Multiple OLB Platforms Supported

DeepTarget OLB can work within many different online banking systems.

Include Banners in DeepTarget Email

DeepTarget Email is a product that will take your email marketing to the next level in terms of customization of message, personalization and ease of use. All relevant features described above for DeepTarget OLB will be included in the DeepTarget Email product.

Custom Banners

Using the library of images, pre-built banners, or custom images, a Marketing Department can make changes to the graphic, text, or format of the banner to customize it to their specific needs.

Secure Banner Delivery

DeepTarget OLB utilizes SSL to ensure secure delivery of the banner ads.