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According to industry sources email outperforms all other media in terms of ROI. And 82% of businesses use email marketing. Email marketing is the most commonly employed digital marketing tool. It is a highly cost-effective and an optimal channel to incorporate into already stretched marketing budgets.

Ultra Personalized and Targeted Email Marketing

Email is used every day for mass marketing, but DeepTarget Email is all about improving returns by presenting highly “actionable” and unique offers to each individual with a high propensity for on-the-spot response. Make your email marketing campaigns perform by effortlessly embedding personalized, targeted banners within emails.

Why is DeepTarget Email A Killer Application for Email Marketing?

It is an intelligent but exceptionally user-friendly web application that integrates and combines only the most pertinent features of (products such as) Access, FrontPage and Outlook… then adds innovative filtering and campaign metrics… and blends everything into a seamless workflow for Email Marketing.

Check out this banner. Doesn’t it grab your attention more than a piece of text that says – “Apply for your auto loan now”? It’s targeted, it’s personalized and it’s visual!

You may already be using segmentation to create targeted campaigns. Now, with DeepTarget email, you can combine your emails with targeted banners that can be delivered through your email marketing campaigns and through all your other digital channels such as online and mobile banking. More impressions are bound to yield more positive results for financial institution – especially when the message and product is relevant and resonates.

We built the engine, now all you have to do is drive…


Contacts Database rich with Multiple Standard and Custom Fields
Personalize using any and all the attributes available
Create multiple campaigns smoothly and efficiently
Multiple images delivered or create your own image library
See where in the world your email was opened!
Targeted email marketing with easy to use Filter capability
Increase conversions with a call to action button (not a text link)
Deliver email campaigns through through all digital channels like online and mobile banking
Feature rich, flexible Email Designer - no need to be an HTML expert to create professional and high quality emails
Effortlessly insert DeepTarget banners anywhere in your email
Import and Export Contacts
Multiple templates delivered, ready to use
Deliver email campaigns using DeepTarget server resources
Capture bounce backs; ensure high deliverability
Preview your email and see it the way the recipient would
Targeted personalized banners to increase customer engagement
See how well your email campaign performed with useful and practical statistics
Design your banners using our easy to use authoring tools or simply select banners from our extensive banner library