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How effectively is your financial institution leveraging your accrued data and digital channels?

Automate the use of customer information to always deliver the right offers at the right time

Seven critical reasons why digital marketing should not be ignored by any financial institution!

Eight simple ways to turn up the volume on your digital marketing – and why it matters.

This eBook details ten reasons for every marketing manager to begin marketing on mobile today.

Hundreds of credit unions and banks are using enabling technology that is yielding a great ROI.

See how financial institutions are automating relevant messaging to engage and cross-sell

Real results, high ROI, and positive word-of-mouth are some of the reasons we are growing

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Our flagship product focuses on relevant messaging using online banking (OLB) to get great results.

Unique and personalized messaging to reach your growing customer base

Allowing you to use your website effectively to communicate with visitors

Email outperforms all other media – how personalized, intelligent and relevant is your email marketing?

See the answers to some of the frequently asked questions by customers and others

Unique and personalized messaging to reach your growing mobile customer base

Industry Resources

Boston Consulting Group’s 2018 Global Corporate Report on Digital Transformation



This is one of many of Seth Godin’s blog posts that resonates! He’s even written a book about it.



“Marketing is about connecting with members along their financial journeys and sharing compelling messages about your CU”.


… that will change the way banks and credit unions approach marketing forever – from data analytics and personalization to social media and content marketing.

Our favorite guru on anything to do with marketing. Compelling reading. Highly recommended!

“Permission marketing is about the needle. The right person, the right message, the right moment. Anticipated, personal and relevant messages …”

What I Want From Brands -I want you to really care about me. I want you to remember me. That second one matters a lot”.