Working with partners who are serving the market with complementary solutions or services, we join forces to broaden our reach, increase market penetration and deepen customer relationship

Strategic Alliances

DeepTarget is continually looking to form alliances with industry leaders whose products and services help our customers achieve maximum efficiency in their marketing and business operations.

Because DeepTarget solutions are based on .NET Framework we can integrate other complementary solutions.

With DeepTarget OLB, for example, these include 3rd party solutions such as online banking and bill payment platforms, electronic and paper statement presentation, CRM solutions, call center technology, RSS, and email newsletter or alerts.

DeepTarget reseller network

The DeepTarget VAR Advantage Program is actively seeking:

Complementary relationships where the partner and DeepTarget both see increased value and profits by working together rather than acting alone.

Innovative partners and recognized leaders whose ability to think out of the box can lead to new and exciting approaches to marketing.

Visionary partners who are open to using pioneering technology that changes how products and services are presented to consumers.

Partners who are constantly seeking new ways to improve the effectiveness or productivity of their current solutions for their customers.

As a part of the DeepTarget VAR partnership community, you are a member of an elite business sector made up of innovative marketing movers and shakers who specialize in software technology solutions.

DeepTarget is looking for partnerships with resellers from a cross-section of industries who want to take advantage of the vast opportunities of a new generation in marketing.

This win-win partnership requires industry and technical expertise, a solid business model, and a strong focus on customers.

Whether you are a creative design house, ad agency or marketing firm DeepTarget offers products and services that help grow your business and stay on the cutting-edge of 1-to-1 marketing.

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Featured Partners


  • CUTS and DeepTarget are committed to helping credit unions increase the effectiveness of their interactive marketing initiatives and deliver relevant product offers to members. Our partnership with DeepTarget will enable credit unions to utilize targeted online banking banners and email marketing to make credit union web sites a destination for savings on best-in-class products. We look forward to offering DeepTarget to our customers and helping them realize the benefits and rewards from this innovative targeted marketing technology.
    — Jeff Plumer, President, CUTS Performance Marketing, San Diego, CA
  • We chose to partner with DeepTarget Inc. and promote DeepTarget products to our community bank clients once we recognized its value. Specifically the ability for them to take advantage of this technology to cross sell relevant banking products and services to a growing number of their online banking customers. This partnership seeks to put our clients first, in terms of providing them the right products and services to fit their evolving needs. We believe that both DeepTarget OLB and DeepTarget Email are high-value products for our clients.
    — Craig Eversole, President, The Eversole Group, LLC, Ridgeland, MS
  • Print Resources, Inc chose to partner with DeepTarget Inc. and further promote DeepTarget OLB as we recognized the considerable potential in its ability to satisfy the emerging but rapidly growing world of online and E-marketing. This partnership fits nicely with Print Resources' current efforts in developing marketing channels for clients and has allowed us to expand the type solutions we can offer. We look forward to being a part of DeepTarget OLB's future developments into electronic marketing, seeing it reach its full potential while working alongside clients as they realize increased revenue through further expanding their reach.
    — Rocky Stewart, President, Print Resources, Inc., Birmingham, AL