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How effectively is your financial institution leveraging its accrued data and digital channels?

Successful digital marketing campaigns effectively pair account-holder data with automation to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

DeepTarget’s Digital Marketing Health Check will analyze current digital marketing practices and provide a free report evaluating marketing mix and messaging for the targeted audiences. The diagnosis will offer expert recommendations to leverage online and mobile banking and provide relevant examples and best practices. The resulting plan of action aims for increased traction within your customer base in the form of ad impressions, clicks, leads, and sales transactions.

How DeepTarget Digital Marketing Health Check Works

DeepTarget’s free Digital Marketing Health Check provides real insight into how well your financial institution is promoting its brand, products and services through digital channels. With a four-minute digital checkup, you receive a FREE report highlighting things to consider for greater digital marketing success. As well as receiving this in order to grow your business, it may also benefit you to look into a site like https://www.salesforce.com/products/platform/examples-of-digital-transformation/ to help take you and your business to the next level and visit https://siliconvalleyoxford.com/digital-marketing-trends/ for all the latest trends in the digital marketing world.

The report and debrief provides valuable insight for your current digital marketing strategy and expertly guides a path to improvement and growth. See how well your Financial Institution scores on five digital marketing checkpoints to determine the effectiveness of your current digital footprint.

Your Digital Marketing Health Check will provide tangible data, benchmarks, and recommendations to prove how well your current marketing strategy is performing in today’s digital landscape. Financial Institutions that take advantage of the Digital Marketing Health Check know how they compare to industry benchmarks in the digital world and recommendations to achieve:

• Increased loans
• Increased earnings
• Deposit growth
• Customer/member retention

DeepTarget solutions allow unique and personalized messages for each customer with delivery in multiple channels including online, email and mobile. Our solutions yield results so begin your Digital Marketing Health Check now.

Expertise and technology from DeepTarget with actionable analytics and metrics enable marketing professionals to make informed decisions and drive measurable, positive results. The adoption of these solutions continues its rapid growth by driving success for financial institutions – in accelerating cross-selling, promoting product adoption, increasing loan demand and income. To see more proven digital marketing successes, please contact us.

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What is a Digital Marketing Health Check?

In just minutes, you can see how well your Financial Institution scores on various digital marketing checkpoints to help determine the effectiveness of your current digital marketing footprint. This evaluates the digital tactics your marketing strategy uses to enhance brand awareness and promote products and services.

Why take a Digital Marketing Health Check?

Financial Institutions that take advantage of the Digital Marketing Health Check will know how they compare to industry benchmarks in the digital world and receive recommendations to achieve increased loans, increased earnings, deposit growth and customer/member retention.

What are the expected results?

Get the help you need to put ALL the pieces together. Marketing strategies include traditional and digital means for promoting your financial institution to your account holders. This health check will assess how well you are doing with your current strategies, and help you figure out what else can be done to enhance your results. We focus on how to get you more impressions, more click-throughs, more leads, and ultimately more sales transactions.