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An e-marketing software company delivering proven DeepTarget online and digital media solutions to financial institutions and other organizations worldwide.

The company’s focus is on marketing software that utilizes data mining and business intelligence in order to deliver targeted communications across digital media. The core software solution DeepTarget has been engineered over a period of more than five years with a focus on utilizing valuable customer information to easily provide targeted and personalized offers to individuals using online and other media.

The goal of DeepTarget solutions is to help businesses effectively and affordably connect to their customers with personalized and targeted marketing. These solutions support companies in utilizing technology to develop comprehensive targeted marketing strategies that deliver tangible bottom-line results.

DeepTarget was founded in Huntsville, a city that has a reputation for being a world leader in research and innovation. At this location, DeepTarget has surrounded itself with some of the leading technology companies in the world. We strive to continually innovate our marketing technology by anticipating market trends and customer needs and delivering excellent value to our clients.


DeepTarget’s Mission is to continually innovate and extend its distinctive digital marketing technology with the ability to turn knowledge about individuals into deep marketing insight, thereby driving a substantial increase in relevance, effectiveness and returns on any marketing or customer communication.

Technology and core foundation

The DeepTarget technology was conceived and first developed over four years ago by technology and product specialists who had recently been with Raddon Financial Group.

At Raddon, they saw an unmet need for customers who had an abundant availability of marketing analytics and customer information but no platform or avenue to utilize this information in targeted and personalized marketing. Based on this unmet requirement, these specialists left Raddon to create an innovative new technology that could easily present offers to account holders of online banking within credit unions and banks.


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