Financial Institutions Using DeepTarget

Financial institutions and businesses across the country rely on multi-channel marketing solutions from DeepTarget to effectively reach out and connect with their customers or account holders. See who they are and hear what they have to say!


  • “DeepTarget gives us the power to reach our online and mobile members, and the ability to see effective results month after month!”

    — Debra Chaffins, Data Strategy, ELGA Credit Union
  • “We are very impressed with the results we’ve achieved engaging our members using DeepTarget within our Online Banking platform! We are very excited to accept DeepTarget’s Digital Marketing SuperSTAR Award and we look forward to continued success with DeepTarget!”

    — Lauren Brown, Marketing Director, Southern Security FCU
  • “We are very excited with the strong marketing results we’ve received with our recent launch of  DeepTarget’s Intelligent Digital Marketing in our Access Softek Mobile Banking app!   In just the first week we received over 250K impressions/views of our Ads resulting in over 850 Unique Clicks! Using DeepTarget’s analytics we’ve been able to follow up with each lead directly – accelerating our follow up with members. Based on the results thus far, our members have found this to be a great interactive way to receive the right offer, at the right time, the way they want it. This further proves our decision to invest in intelligent digital marketing for our mobile channel is great way to provide a service to our mobile members and grow our sales!”
    — Thorpe Miller, AVP Sales & Marketing, Indiana Members Credit Union

Case Studies