DeepTarget's targeted e-marketing software delivers new revenue and high ROI to Financial Institutions and other businesses. Multiple channels such as online banking, web, email, and mobile are used to convey relevant, timely and personalized messages to your customers.

Our focus is on marketing software that utilizes data mining and business intelligence in order to deliver targeted communications across digital media. The core software solution DeepTarget has been engineered over a period of more than five years with a focus on utilizing valuable customer information to easily provide targeted and personalized offers to individuals using online and other media

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A Beginner's Look at UX Design
by Tom
UX is a hot topic right now, but it is not just a fad. Do you know what it is and why it matters?

Tell Your Company's Story!
by Melissa
With all of the noise in the market, your story can grab attention and inspire. A story creates an emotional connection and engages your users...

How Can Music Explain Targeted Marketing?
by Desi
Do you understand the differences in your audience? Are you aware of their expectations as well as their reactions and do you tailor your "music" to match their "mood"?

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