• Why DeepTarget

What Credit Unions and Banks Want: What DeepTarget Delivers:
Improved customer acquisition and retention Highly targeted messaging based on numerous customer attributes
Ability to cross-sell products and services Automated customer outreach following customer inquiries or actions
High ROI on marketing expenditures As much as 500%, and some clients achieve considerably more

It’s the age of the customer. It’s time that banks and credit unions improve their understanding of an increasingly powerful customer base in order to gain a competitive edge. Today’s financial services customers research, evaluate and choose financial products and services by accessing a wide variety of online material. As a result, there has never been a time when technology has had a greater impact on financial institutions’ revenue performance.

When Financial Institutions reach members at the right financial time and offer valuable financial products to meet their current/urgent needs, both banks and customers benefit. DeepTarget’s multi-channel marketing solutions mine the wealth of customer data you already have at your fingertips to enable targeted, highly relevant messages to reach customers and prospects. Our e-marketing software utilizes data mining and business intelligence that makes it easy for you to deliver targeted and personalized communications across digital media.

The result: tangible, marketing-generated improvements to the bottom line.

Technology for Non-Tech Managers

With banks and credit unions everywhere challenged by time and resource constraints, technology that isn’t intuitive and highly user friendly can cause far more headaches that it solves. DeepTarget is a simpler, faster way to accomplish more with less. It is technology that puts usability at the forefront, meaning less time to for training, deployment and ramp up, and more time generating results that drive revenue. Using the banking customer/member’s data, DeepTarget mines specific customer information so that the very best products and services are offered to each customer – and when needed them most.

DeepTarget does all the heavy lifting

We set the system up for you.
We host it.
We process the data.
We provide a library of proven, successful ad banners.
We provide initial messaging.
We provide initial data rules to target customers.
We provide the stats and reports to prove your marketing is working.
We keep you going strong.

Marketing Tools that Make a Difference

Targeted Banner Messaging

Easily deliver the perfect mix of products and services 24/7 to individuals based on customer data 24/7.

Easy Customer Sign-up

DeepTarget Reg E Opt-In provides a Completely Hosted Turnkey Solution to implement opt-in compliance at your financial institution.

Ultra-Personalized and Targeted Emails

DeepTarget presents highly actionable and unique offers to each individual, leading to a high propensity for on-the-spot response.

Security and Privacy

Are integral to DeepTarget solutions with SOC 2 compliant data centers, secure database encryption and much more.

DeepTarget – engage. cross-sell. measure.

DeepTarget customers (over 200 Credit Unions and Banks) achieve record levels of high quality leads each month ─ as much as 7 times the industry standard – using data intelligence to deliver timely, valuable offers. Here’s what just of few of them have to say:

  • “DeepTarget gives us the power to reach our online and mobile members, and the ability to see effective results month after month!”

    — Debra Chaffins, Data Strategy, ELGA Credit Union
  • “We are very impressed with the results we’ve achieved engaging our members using DeepTarget within our Online Banking platform! We are very excited to accept DeepTarget’s Digital Marketing SuperSTAR Award and we look forward to continued success with DeepTarget!”

    — Lauren Brown, Marketing Director, Southern Security FCU
  • “We are very excited with the strong marketing results we’ve received with our recent launch of  DeepTarget’s Intelligent Digital Marketing in our Access Softek Mobile Banking app!   In just the first week we received over 250K impressions/views of our Ads resulting in over 850 Unique Clicks! Using DeepTarget’s analytics we’ve been able to follow up with each lead directly – accelerating our follow up with members. Based on the results thus far, our members have found this to be a great interactive way to receive the right offer, at the right time, the way they want it. This further proves our decision to invest in intelligent digital marketing for our mobile channel is great way to provide a service to our mobile members and grow our sales!”
    — Thorpe Miller, AVP Sales & Marketing, Indiana Members Credit Union

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