Frequently Asked Questions

DeepTarget Inc. is all about insight driven digital marketing technology. DeepTarget OLB is our flagship product focused on financial institutions.

Is DeepTarget OLB e-mail marketing?

DeepTarget leverages multiple digital marketing channels, including web sites, email, eLerts and e-Statements, and is expanding to other fast paced technologies such as mobile and social media. Specifically, DeepTarget OLB is popular and proven using the web where targeted offers are delivered inside online banking, as account holders navigate through various pages such as bill pay and account information.

Is DeepTarget OLB easy to install?

DeepTarget OLB is completely hosted. DeepTarget’s experienced team of professionals partners with you for set-up, implementation and ongoing support. They do the work so you don’t have to.

Who uses DeepTarget OLB?

The list of credit unions and banks that rely on DeepTarget’s one-to-one marketing solutions is growing rapidly. See our Clients page.

Where does Deep Target get data for analysis and selecting offers?

DeepTarget OLB leverages existing resources. It uses existing core, MCIF, demographic, transaction, and credit card data.

How does DeepTarget OLB keep customer interaction secure?

Security is important and that’s why DeepTarget OLB uses a 128-bit encrypted SSL connection between an individual’s browser and the DeepTarget OLB server. This is the same technology used by the majority of web applications to ensure the security of the individual’s information. Additionally, Deep Target is P3P compliant to facilitate smooth integration with web site’s Privacy Policy. Also, any captured information is sent in a fully encrypted email attachment.

Are offers used only for cross-selling?

No, DeepTarget OLB selects and serves offers that range across your entire spectrum of products, services, programs, and seminars. So you can cross sell, up sell, educate or pass along your organization’s news. Many types of offer templates are available with Deep Target: relationship, deposit, loan, educational, informational, behavioral, survey, seasonal, and pre-approved.

How many offers are targeted to each individual?

One person’s data may result in eight unique targeted offers while another person may be assigned fifteen – it depends on each person’s personal product mix, their usage patterns, propensities for new products, and personal demographics.

Does DeepTarget OLB use cookies?

Cookies are optional. Their purpose is simple, to let DeepTarget OLB identify a return visitor before they log into home banking. Here’s how it works: DeepTarget OLB can lay down an encrypted cookie the first time a home banker logs into home banking. The next time the individual visits the bank’s web site, DeepTarget OLB knows who they are because of the cookie; it doesn’t have to wait until log in. Cookies are not required and if they are off, targeted offers are not served until the individual logs into home banking.

How does DeepTarget OLB know who is online?

DeepTarget OLB uses a couple of methods to recognize the identity of the customer during the login process. One method can determine the identity of an individual after they’ve successfully entered the application thereby leaving verification of the user completely in the realm of the application. The other grabs the id before they have successfully logged in. From that point forward all offers served to that person are specifically drawn from their personal set of offers.

What formats are offers served in?

Compelling and eye-catching banners display DeepTarget OLB offers. We provide hundreds of banners in a variety of formats including animated GIF, static GIF, and JPG. Deep Target’s Offer Manager applet makes it easy to add messages to available graphics, without any special tools.