Working with partners who are serving the market with complementary solutions or services, we join forces to broaden our reach, increase market penetration and deepen customer relationships.

DeepTarget has turned the Access Softek mobile banking product into a profit center.

Chris Doner, CEO, Access Softek, Berkeley, CA

CUTS and DeepTarget are committed to helping credit unions increase the effectiveness of their interactive marketing initiatives and deliver relevant product offers to members. Our partnership with DeepTarget will enable credit unions to utilize targeted online banking banners and email marketing to make credit union web sites a destination for savings on best-in-class products. We look forward to offering DeepTarget to our customers and helping them realize the benefits and rewards from this innovative targeted marketing technology.

Jeff Plumer, President, CUTS Performance Marketing, San Diego, CA

We chose to partner with DeepTarget Inc. and promote DeepTarget products to our community bank clients once we recognized its value. Specifically the ability for them to take advantage of this technology to cross sell relevant banking products and services to a growing number of their online banking customers. This partnership seeks to put our clients first, in terms of providing them the right products and services to fit their evolving needs. We believe that both DeepTarget OLB and DeepTarget Email are high-value products for our clients.

Craig Eversole, President, The Eversole Group, LLC, Ridgeland, MS

Print Resources, Inc chose to partner with DeepTarget Inc. and further promote DeepTarget OLB as we recognized the considerable potential in its ability to satisfy the emerging but rapidly growing world of online and E-marketing. This partnership fits nicely with Print Resources’ current efforts in developing marketing channels for clients and has allowed us to expand the type solutions we can offer. We look forward to being a part of DeepTarget OLB’s future developments into electronic marketing, seeing it reach its full potential while working alongside clients as they realize increased revenue through further expanding their reach.

Rocky Stewart, President, Print Resources, Inc., Birmingham, AL

Insurance Trust has a long history of collaboration – both with credit union customers as well as insurance professionals and partners. We were impressed with DeepTarget products and believe that they offer tremendous benefits to credit unions […] We look forward to promoting these products to our customers and having them reap these benefits

David Baird, President and CEO, Insurance Trust, Westbrook, ME

At DMS, we are always looking for ways to help our credit unions utilize home banking to save money or increase revenue. To this end, we were pleased to assist our HomeCU client Perfect Circle Credit Union who expressed their interest in implementing DeepTarget OLB. Now, with HomeCU supporting this capability, our other clients can also take advantage and reap the benefits of this unique marketing technology.

Joe Pearson, President and Founder, Database Management Services, Inc., Boise, ID

Building on our corporate philosophy, we thrive on providing solutions for credit unions and banks that are easy, complete and affordable. We are always trying to take the jargon out of what should be simple ideas, which produce real, measurable results. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why DeepTarget products appealed to us. There is also a natural synergy between our companies and technologies – the rich marketing data found in our MCIF delivered in the online banking environment through DeepTarget banner ads.

John Kassing, President, Marquis Software Solutions, Inc., Plano, TX

Jwaala is all about the openness and extensibility of the MoneyTracker platform. Our partnership with DeepTarget is an example of our commitment to this philosophy. With the integration of DeepTarget OLB, MoneyTracker users can now take advantage of some very powerful targeted advertising capabilities

Kelly Dowell, COO, Jwaala, Austin, TX

We believe DeepTarget OLB is a unique and competitive product that will help our clients use online banking as a successful and cost-effective marketing channel. Considering that DeepTarget OLB is already generating tangible results for a number of Symitar clients, we expect formalizing this partnership will accelerate the use of this product throughout our client base, and provide value for more of our clients.

Scott Burwell, Solutions Manager, Symitar, San Diego, CA

Third Degree chose DeepTarget Inc. as a partner because we recognized the great potential, particularly in DeepTarget OLB and DeepTarget Email. We pride ourselves on being proactive with respect to our customers, and that means always keeping an eye out for the right innovations and opportunities that can be used for their benefit. This partnership equips us with the emerging and rapidly growing world of online and e-marketing solutions that can be deployed to increase revenues and profits for our clients. We look forward to utilizing the DeepTarget e-marketing product suite not only for the benefits of our current clients, but also to expand our reach in the market.

Roy Page, CEO, Third Degree Advertising, Oklahoma City, OK

DeepTarget offers an innovative set of online and email solutions whose benefits our clients can easily appreciate. In addition, I feel that the timing is right for our clients to take advantage of marketing through newer more measurable delivery channels, using them to generate additional revenue and for customer retention initiatives. We are already delivering one-to-one direct mail and DeepTarget e-marketing products are a natural extension for our customers.

Mark Staley, President, ConmarSystems, Inc., Peachtree City, GA

I am happy to offer DeepTarget products because they fit the inbound marketing strategy perfectly, enhancing the methods used and streamlining efforts. Being associated with a company that is completely tuned into this emerging marketing method is a fantastic advantage and allows me to offer my clients the very latest innovations for achieving success online

Lisa Isbell, Principal, How2MarketingAdvice.com, Birmingham, AL

EPL has set a higher standard for totally open technology ultimately enabling more choices for our clients. We believe that EPL clients will benefit greatly from integration with DeepTarget’s innovative marketing technology within online banking and other electronic channels. This initiative substantiates our commitment to the success of our credit union clients, where we work closely to meet their needs and enable them to differentiate from their competition.

Todd Proulx, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, EPL, Inc, Birmingham, AL

DeepTarget’s marketing technology is unique and offers valuable benefits to financial institutions. Based on our evaluation, we determined that adding the DeepTarget products to our overall offerings would be highly complementary, as well giving our clients a significant advantage in their marketing efforts.

Jim Campbell, President and CEO, BANCServices Group, Inc., Charleston, MO