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DeepTarget Inc. is all about insight driven digital marketing technology. DeepTarget OLB is our flagship product focused on financial institutions.

Simply key in any Customer Number (in the upper right hand corner) from 1 to 6 and click “Go” – no password necessary.

Each number (1 through 6) will demonstrate a different sample online banker, each with his or her own unique stack of offers that have been created by DeepTarget as a result of rules provided by the Financial Institution.

Observe the DeepTarget OLB experience:

As you scroll through the different pages for each customer number that you enter, you will see different DeepTarget OLB banners with different offer stacks. The offer stacks are targeted to the online banker based on their unique criteria.

To better help you visualize each member/customer, click the “View Table” button to the right which presents each individual’s characteristics and the unique set of offers (with an offer id) that will be presented to each of them.

Note that an individual that already has a credit card will not be presented with a new credit card offer, while an individual who has an auto loan maturing within the next six months will be presented with an offer for a new auto loan.

For further insight, click the “View Rules” button to the right to see representative rules and sample banners with associated offer codes.

Sample Online Bankers

● Individual 1 – Robert

● Individual 2 – John

● Individual 3 – Bob

● Individual 4 – Abby

● Individual 5 – Kathy

● Individual 6 – Jane

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View Rules

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