Financial institutions and businesses across the country rely on DeepTarget’s multi-channel marketing solutions to effectively reach out and connect with their customers or account holders. See who they are and hear what they have to say!

“DeepTarget gives us the power to reach our online and mobile members, and the ability to see effective results month after month!”

Debra Chaffins, Data Strategy, ELGA Credit Union

“We are very impressed with the results we’ve achieved engaging our members using DeepTarget within our Online Banking platform! We are very excited to accept DeepTarget’s Digital Marketing SuperSTAR Award and we look forward to continued success with DeepTarget!”

Lauren Brown, Marketing Director, Southern Security FCU

“We are very excited with the strong marketing results we’ve received with our recent launch of  DeepTarget’s Intelligent Digital Marketing in our Access Softek Mobile Banking app!   In just the first week we received over 250K impressions/views of our Ads resulting in over 850 Unique Clicks! Using DeepTarget’s analytics we’ve been able to follow up with each lead directly – accelerating our follow up with members. Based on the results thus far, our members have found this to be a great interactive way to receive the right offer, at the right time, the way they want it. This further proves our decision to invest in intelligent digital marketing for our mobile channel is great way to provide a service to our mobile members and grow our sales!”

Thorpe Miller, AVP Sales & Marketing, Indiana Members Credit Union

Our mission is to significantly improve our members’ lives with quality financial products and services. With DeepTarget, we have been able to very effectively reach out to our membership 24X7 with products individual members are interested in. The future looks bright at Deer Valley Credit Union and DeepTarget has been one way where we have harnessed innovative marketing technology to strengthen our credit union.

Melinda Amori, Marketing Manager, Deer Valley Credit Union, Phoenix, AZ

“It became clear to us that we could expand the marketing and outreach efforts with our members very effectively by using email. We studied and selected DeepTarget Email when we realized its benefits. It’s a one stop shop for managing all email contacts, creating professional email messages, delivering them and finally for monitoring their effectiveness using robust campaign statistics.”

Mike Harden, COO, F&A Federal Credit Union, Monterey, CA

“We have been using DeepTarget since 2005, and it has proven to be a very valuable addition to our marketing efforts. Every day, we’re presented the dual challenge of offering our members only the products and services that match their specific financial needs and tracking those efforts. With DeepTarget, this process is automatic and highly effective. DeepTarget is an essential tool in Ascend’s marketing efforts.”

Kim York, Vice President of Marketing, Ascend Federal Credit Union, Tullahoma, TN

“DeepTarget provides a super easy way to keep our banners fresh and current with various targeted messages.”Janice Kazmierski, E-Marketing Specialist, Directions Credit Union, Sylvania, OH”

“DeepTarget allows us to reach our members with information on products and promotions that is relevant and timely – in a cost effective manner.”

Brenda Covrett, AVP of Marketing, Directions Credit Union, Sylvania, OH

Brenda Covrett, AVP of Marketing, Directions Credit Union, Sylvania, OH

With today’s tight budgets, marketers need to deliver timely and targeted marketing messages to customers and prospects. The products from DeepTarget do that extremely well and also allow for very measurable results and reporting.

Melanie Kauffman, V.P. Retail Sales & Marketing, Union Bank, Lake Odessa, MI

Mountain America Credit Union is the second largest in Utah, with a philosophy of offering easy access to great products allowing members to enjoy traditionally higher dividends on savings and lower rates on loans. We help our members build for their future through a tradition of value.

To this end, DeepTarget helps us reach our growing base of online banking members through targeted and personalized offers at any time of day. We have realized significant value from DeepTarget and an extremely high ROI about which we are particularly pleased.

Jeremy Nelson, AVP Marketing, Mountain America Credit Union, West Jordan, UT

What business is not considering Email marketing today? The key will be to have a tool that is both usable and effective.

I am totally impressed with DeepTarget Email – it is rich in features and has everything one would need in an email marketing solution, yet is also incredibly easy to use. The ability to filter your contacts so that we can target email messages is great for us. This product has the best reporting we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot. Plus the price is right. With DeepTarget Email, we got everything we asked for

We are very appreciative of DeepTarget’s support and customer service. We consider them on a short list of exceptional vendors. On a scale from 1 to 10 we rate DeepTarget’s service a 10.

Ben Boles, Director of Digital Media,Damson Automotive Group, Huntsville, AL

In our first 30 days using DeepTarget, we received 275 new, high quality leads. As CEO responsible for the growth of our business, that’s outstanding!

Trademark Federal Credit Union